The only service you need to stay up-to-date on the crypto world. Decrypto News is a highly curated news service that scans hundreds of sources across the world. Because crypto never sleeps.

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Major news outlets are behind on everything crypto. Not all of them are a reliable source to anticipate market moves. Thanks to A.I. algorithms and an international network of crypto trading analysts, we select reliable news before others do.

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We scout thousands of Twitter accounts, reddit channels, blogs and crypto websites to provide you with a curated selection of news that you can read at your own pace.

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Crypto regulations, ICOs, ETFs, the world of crypto is never static. Our reports show you selected information on what's happening in the market and help your knowledge stay up-to-date.

“The world of crypto-currencies is an extremely interesting space, yet I was lacking knowledge and time to fully immerse myself into it. Consequently I was reluctant to make an investment.

Decrypto has been a powerful resource for me. It helped me to address knowledge gaps, it kept me up-to-date thanks to relevant newsletter content and most importantly, it highlighted concrete investments that I could analyze and assess.”

— Sebastian H., Brand Manager Procter & Gamble

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